Tukuba Workshop for Young Mathematicians
Tukuba Workshop for Young Mathematicians

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 This workshop is a continuation of the workshops held annually in Tsukuba since 2008. The aim of the workshop is to increase communication and networking between young mathematicians, especially graduate students studying at Asian universities.

Date:February 1 (Fri), 2013
Place:The Tsukuba Center for Institutes
Adress: 2-20-5 Takezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0032, JAPAN
Tel: +81-29-851-1331
Fax: +81-29-856-0464

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9:10-9:30Yuki TaniguchiLeopoldt conjecture -- an example on cubic fields --
9:30-9:50Natsuki AbeConvex kernels
9:50-10:10Yuya SekiLichnerowicz-Obata’s theorem for Riemannian orbifolds
10:10-10:30Ayana HirataGödel’s proof of completeness theorem
10:30-10:50Katsuya FujiiEssential self-adjointness of discrete magnetic Schrödinger operator
10:50-11:10Yoshizumi TanakaGeometric representation of high-dimension, low-sample size data with dependency and its applications
11:10-11:30Hidenori TanumaReduction of differential equations with irregular singular point at z = 0
11:30-11:50Tomiaki NishikawaHypergeometric function theory
11:50-12:10Masatoshi HirakiCharacterizations of countable-dimensional spaces
12:10-13:10Lunch time
13:10-13:30Yikan Liu*1Multiple hyperbolic systems modeling the phase transformation kinetics
13:30-13:50Zhiyuan Li*1Non-symmetric linear diffusion equation with multiple time-fractional derivatives and applications to some inverse problems
13:50-14:10Jinpeng Lu*2Curvature estimates on stable CMC hypersurfaces
14:10-14:30Qing Zhang*2On Torsionfree simple $\mathfrak{A}_1$-module
14:30-14:50Mitsukazu HoshiPicard-Vessiot theory for iterative q-difference rings
14:50-15:10Taiki ShibataAlgebraic supergroups over a PID
15:10-15:30Makoto YanagawaThe stability of the KΓ
15:30-15:50Shintaro HashimotoInformation Inequality for the Bayes Risk
15:50-16:10Kouta ItoCompactifications of several dimensional separable metric spaces
16:10-16:30Arata NakamuraUniversal n-dimensional spaces
*1 The Univercity of Tokyo, *2 Tsinghua Univercity

 The printed program(PDF) will be distributed to all attendees.

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Place:The Tsukuba Center for Institutes

 It takes fifteen minutes to walk from the Tsukuba terminal station(Tsukuba Express Line) to the place. Please refer to the following map.

Large map

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For more details, please contact executive committee(Hashimoto).

Chair : S. Hashimoto, Organizing committee : S. Hashimoto, T. Shibata, M. Yanagawa
Last Update Jan 31