How to begin CMCLab

This page explains the method of installation of the rpm package of CMCLab, how to read the file currently prepared, and the method of a display of graphics. Among those, explanation of "changing how whose graphics are visible", and "inputting data and building graphics" is also due to be added. In addition, since a source code is also in the item of CMCLab Download of GANG, those who want to carry out make from the beginning need to use there.

1. What is prepared.

The personal computer with which Red Hat software 7.1/7.2 for intel was installed. As long as the writer tried, although CMCLab could be installed and it excelled, it has not started by VineLinux2.5CR for intel. The reason is unknown.

2. Installation.

The two files in the item of CMCLab Download in the page of CMCLab of GANG "cmclab-020918-1.i386.rpm" and "gang-020918-1.i386.rpm" are downloaded. In shell, the two commands "rpm -i gang-020514-1.i386.rpm" and "rpm -i cmclab-020514-1.i386.rpm" are struck, and it is an installation end. If there is a library which run short, please search from etc. and finish those installations first.

3. Starting.

In shell, if the command "cmclab" is struck, it will start.
panel The appearing control panel.

4. It can do and the file which suits is read.

"Open CMCLab File ..." is chosen from the "File" menu.
Dialog Box The appearing dialog box.
"unduloid_rect.cmc" is chosen from "/basic."
select unduloid
"Compute Surface" is chosen from the "Controls" menu.
controls computing The appearing box.
"iSight" starts and the graphics of unduloid appear.