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If you want me to be your academic advisor of Non-Degree Research Student,

you must visit the following websites and read the instruction carefully:
In particular, bear in mind that Non-Degree Research Student is those who ''conducts research about a specific research topic''. Therefore you must In the latter, explain why you need to work with me by clearly indicating how your plan is related to my past research. For example, just saying ''to study probability'' or ''to do research on random media'' is far from sufficient. Due to a large number of requests, I do not reply this kind of email unless I find the research plan meaningful.

Note also that although the above instruction says ''the major purpose for being a Non-degree research student is to prepare for the graduate school admission'', I would not help you preparing for the entrance exam because it would be problematic from the standpoint of fairness*1. You may find the past exam problems (written in Japanese) in the following website:

I would recommend you not to apply for Non-Degree Research Student unless you find most of the problems easy. Otherwise you should not be able to write a meaningful research plan, and also there is a non-trivial risk of failing the entrance exam. In the latter case, your time and money spent to be Non-Degree Research Student are most likely wasted.

*1: I believe "to prepare" in the quoted sentence refers to the preparation for your research, such as doing a reading seminar on a research level textbook, or getting used to life in Tsukuba.

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