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Mathematica programs to compute overlap coincidence

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Aperiodic order meets number theory, 2/25-3/1, 2019 at Melbourne
Topology of planar and higher dimensional self-replicating tiles, Project Meeitng 2, 2/20-2/22, 2019 at Salzburg
6-th International Conference on Uniform Distribution Theory, 10/1-10/5, 2018 at CIRM
Special Session: Patterns, traveling wave solutions and symbolic dynamics at 12th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems 7/5 - 7/9, 2018 Taipei
Topology of planar and higher dimensional self-replicating tiles: Project Meeting 1, 2/20-2/23, 2018 at Salzburg
Morlet Chair: Tiling and Discrete Geometry, Aug 2017-Jan 2018
New Advances in Symbolic Dynamics (CNRS Thematic School), 1/30-2/3 2017 at CIRM
Mathematical Physics of Quasi-Periodic system and related topics, 7-9 Nov, 2016 at RIMS.
Fractal Geometry and Related Areas 21-22 Mar, 2016 at HKUST
Substitutions and continued fractions 7-11 Mar, 2016 at Paris 7
Number Theory and Ergodic Theory 6-8 Feb, 2016 at Kanazawa
Natural extention of arithmetic algorithms and S-adic system, 20-24 Jul 2015, at Tambara
Workshop on Measurable and Topological Dynamical Systems, 29 Jun - 2 Jul 2015, at NIMS, Korea
FAN workshop in Admont, 9-13 Jun 2015, at Admont, Austria
Number Theory and Ergodic Theory, 7-9 Feb, 2015 at Kanazawa
Mathematical Model of quasi-crystals and related topics , 27-29 Oct, 2014, at RIMS
The Pisot Conjecture , 1-5 Sep 2014, at Leiden
Number Theory and Ergodic Theory, 8-10 Feb 2014, at Kanazawa
Measurable and Topological Dynamical Systems, 11-14 Dec 2013, at Keio
Tilings dynamical system and related topics, 17-19 Sep, 2013, at RIMS
PRIMA 2013, Special Session, 24-28 Jun 2013, at Shanghai
Number theory and Dynamics, Summer School, 17 Jun-5 Jul 2013, at Grenoble
SubTile 2013, 14-18 Jan 2013, at CIRM
Advances on fractals and related topics, 10-14 Dec 2012, at HongKong
Topology of tiling spaces and related topics, 3-5 Oct 2012 at RIMS
Aperiodic 2012, 2-7 Sep 2012, Cairns, Australia
Numeration and Substitution, 4-8 June 2012 at RIMS, Kyoto
Periodic orbits in dynamical systems, 21-25 May 2012 at ESI, Austria
Rigidity of self-similar tilings and related topics, 20-22 Dec 2011 at RIMS
MaThCryst Workshop on Mathematical Crystallography, 2-6 Nov 2011 at Manila
Almost periodic order: spectral, dynamical, and stochastic approaches, 25-30 Sep 2011 at Banff
Piecewise and Low-Dimensional Dynamics, 4-6 July 2011 at Warwick
Numération, 6-10 Jun 2011 at Liège
The Mathematics of Aperiodic Order, 27 Sep -1 Oct 2010 at KIAS
Japan-Korea Workshop on Number Theory and Ergodic Theory, 26-30 Jul 2010 at RIMS
Mathematics of Quasi-Periodic Order, 21-23 Jun 2010 at RIMS (Proceedings Available)
MathInfo : Seminar on Tilings and Substitutions, 2010 at CIRM (discard possible warnings..)

Research Interest:

Pisot number, Number system

Non-standard way to express numbers, such as beta-expansion, canonical number system, 3/2 number system, Shift radix system, e.t.c. Applications to number theory, Diophantine approximation and others.

Fractal Tiling, Symbolic Dynamical System

Tiling associated with discrete dynamical systems. Arithmetic/ergodic studies of number theoretical algorithms. Quasiperiodic structures and their spectral study.

Uniform Distribution

Irregularity of distribution of a given sequence. Coding of irrational rotation and its generalization. Continued fractions.

Automorphic Forms, L-function

Selberg's trace formula. Riemann Hypothesis of zeta functions. Fourier coefficients of automorphic forms.

Analytic Number Theory in general

All topics related to analytic number theory. Primes, integers, special numbers like (Seki-)Benoulli numbers. Multiple zeta function.

Introductory Articles:

Open Problems:
Finiteness and periodicity of beta expansions, Number theoretical and Dynamical open problems (2009 CIRM)
Pisot expansion in self-inducing systems, Open problems for youngsters (2009 Kanazawa).

Dual Pisot tiling:
Pisot number system and its dual tiling, IOS Press (2007) 133-154.

Shift Radix System:
From number systems to shift radix systems, Nihonkai Math. J. 16 (2005) no. 2, 95-106.

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