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Some talk slides

  1. Frenkel欠陥を持つ結晶中でのBrown運動の生存確率
    確率論と統計物理 / 京都大学
    March, 2008 スライド

  2. Brownian survival and Lifshitz tail in perturbed lattice disorder
    Random Processes and Systems / Kyoto University
    February, 2009 Slides

  3. ランダムポテンシャル中の拡散過程
    日本数学会2009年度秋季総合分科会(統計数学分科会特別講演) / 大阪大学
    September, 2009 予稿  スライド

  4. Second order asymptotics for Brownian motion among heavy tailed Poissonian potentials
    The 1st Crest-SBM International Conference ``Random Media'' / Tohoku University
    January, 2010 Slides

  5. On exponential growth for a certain class of linear systems
    Universality and Scaling Limits in Probability and Statistical Mechanics / Hokkaido University
    September, 2010 Slides

  6. 大偏差原理の基本の“き”
    城崎新人セミナー / 城崎市民センター
    February, 2011 報告集原稿
    (報告集に収録されたものは私のミスで文献表が抜けています. 2013.10.17にいくつかの誤りを修正しました.)

  7. Annealed Brownian motion in a heavy tailed Poissonian potentials
    School and Workshop on Random Polymers and Related Topics / National University of Singapore
    May 2012 Slides

  8. Anderson模型に関連する話題
    確率論シンポジウム / 京都大学
    December, 2012 予稿  スライド

  9. ランダムウォークの滞在時間の同時分布とLaplace原理への応用
    確率論早春セミナー / 京都大学
    March 2014 スライド

  10. Anderson模型の固有値の揺らぎについて
    新潟確率論ワークショップ / 新潟大学
    January 2015 スライド

  11. Fluctuation of spectra in random media revisited
    Stochastic Analysis / Kyoto University
    September 2015 Slides

  12. ランダム媒質における路の数え上げと最短経路に関する話題
    IMI-RIMS共共拠点研究集会 / 九州大学
    December 2015 スライド

  13. Quenched tail estimate for the random walk in random scenery and in random layered conductance
    The 7th Pacific Rim Conference on Mathematics / Seoul National University
    July 2016 Slides

  14. Slowdown estimates for the biased random walk in spatially inhomogeneous holding times
    Random Media in Atacama / Hotel Cumbres
    December 2016 Slides

  15. A directed polymer in random environment with unbounded jumps
    Stochastic Analysis on Large Scale Interacting Systems / University of Toyko
    November 2017 Slides

  16. Geometry of the random walk range conditioned on survival among Bernoulli obstacles
    Interplay of Random Media and Stochastic Interface Models / Technical University of Berlin
    June 2018 Slides (Updated version for a talk in NYU Shanghai)

  17. Zero temperature limit for Brownian directed polymer among Poissonian disasters
    9th International Conference on Stochastic Analysis and its Applications / University of Bielefeld
    September 2018 Slides

  18. Geometry of the random walk range conditioned on survival among Bernoulli obstacles
    確率論シンポジウム / 京都大学
    December 2018 スライド

  19. Biased random walk conditioned on survival among Bernoulli obstacles: subcritical phase
    確率論シンポジウム / 慶應義塾大学
    December 2019 スライド

  20. Number of paths in oriented percolation as zero temperature limit of directed polymer
    The 10th International Conference on Stochastic Analysis and its Applications / Kyoto University
    September 2021 Slides
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